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Ämne: End of an era Python version 2 ( PLI )

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    Aug 2005
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    End of an era Python version 2 ( PLI )

    This weekend, we will officially retire Python version 2, and switch to Python version 3. The reason for this is very simple: version 2 has been end of support for quite some time.

    There will be a final release based on version 2, created from the current Nightly Build, which will be 8.3-releasse. The version 3 codebase will become the basis for OpenPLi 9.

    Wat does this mean?

    For those of you running OpenPLi release images, absolutely nothing.

    So for why is this relevant?

    For those who are currently running either a Nightly Build image, or a Python 3 test image.

    What is the impact?

    We will start with removing both the Nightly Build and Python 3 test images, and their corresponding feeds, from the servers. Once done, those images can no longer be installed or updated.

    After that new Nightly Build images will come online, using a Python 3 codebase, and a continuation of the current Python 3 test images. They will also be based on a new OE version.

    For those who have installed either a Nightly Build or a Python 3 test image, it means you'll have to flash you box early next week.

    Anything we should know?

    Yes, absolutely!

    Most of the day to day functions of the new Nightly Build will work fine, in as far we have been able to conclude from internal testing. But undoubtely there will be bugs, things we've missed when converting the codebase.,

    We therefore ask everyone who can and want to test, to install a new Nightly Build image when they come online next week, and report any problems you encounter here:https://forums.openp...666-openpli-py3, accompanied with a problem description and preferably a log.

    You will also notice that there will be a lot less plugins in the feed.

    This is caused by the fact we have cleaned up our internal plugin repository, and removed everything that could no longer work, and because everything from the 3rd-party feed we only had as an ipk, not as source, and could therefore not be made compatible with Python 3.

    So, the more people test, the quicker we can fix things, move on to a stable Nightly Build, and a release of OpenPLi 9.

    We count on you !

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    Oct 2009
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    Detta ska givetvis testas nästa vecka!

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    Mar 2004
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    Openpli 8.3 stable release finns ute nu.
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    Nov 2012
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    Tyvärr är 8.3 fortfarande Python 2 Nästa major release kommer Phyton3 dvs OpenPli 9 men går att testa Nightly builds / openpli-develop för att testa 3:an har inte gjort detta ännu.

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